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Support for Chronic Illness

​Talk therapy for folks with chronic health conditions who seek to live well. We may work together in order to: 

  • Capitalize on internal and external strengths

  • Cultivate and/or maintain a sense of self in the face of symptoms and diagnoses 

  • Develop coping and adaptive strategies

  • Identify, communicate and honor personal boundaries and needs

  • Prepare for medical appointments

  • Understand the physiological ways illness impacts mental health through psychoeducation

Support for Chronic Illness 

Talk therapy for folks who would like to move through their day-to-day life while managing the distress that often accompanies short (acute) or long-standing (chronic) stressors. Together we may:

  • Examine the thoughts, feelings and physiological responses that emerge when you encounter stressors

  • Identify the ways that stressors have shaped your sense of self and the way you view your world

  • Develop logistical and emotional strategies to mitigate the impact of stressors

  • Gain insight into the interplay between your response to stressors and interpersonal dynamics

Individual Talk Therapy 

Provider Consultation

Provider Consultation

I collaborate directly with care and support team professionals in order to co-construct comprehensive treatment plans that honor clients' physical, social and emotional contexts.


As a client, you may benefit from a provider consultation in order to have me participate in a medical appointment with you. Alternately, you may request that your medical provider and I speak at some point during your care in an effort to ensure that both I and your medical providers have every opportunity to offer care to you as a whole person - mind and body. 


I offer consultation to medical providers, teachers, school counselors and other therapists  in order to provide the emotional, psycho-social and developmental context from which many of our shared clients come. I have found that folks in this population have varying experiences with common themes, and this often means that they have unique needs that make care and treatment more successful when met. 

Partner and Family Sessions
  • Creating space to process the emotional and logistical significance of loving someone with chronic health conditions

  • Identifying logistical and emotional ways of ensuring that your own self-care is [still] a priority

  • Emphasizing relational connection outside of chronic health conditions

  • Development of language to communicate your unique experience

  • Increasing understanding about the ways your loved one's chronic health conditions impact them 

Talk therapy for folks who care about and/or care for someone living with chronic health conditions. Our work together may include:

Partner and Family Sessions

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