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Self-care is not selfish

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About Staci

My Story


Connecting with people has been central in my life since childhood; It's who I am and what I love to do. Growing up, I babysat and nannied and this fostered my genuine enjoyment of children and awe of their non-stop development and curiosity about this world. I then worked in a special-needs preschool setting and this opened my eyes to the challenges, and also the resiliency inherent in children with differing abilities. I found I had a passion for working with children on the Autism spectrum and gained experience with different behavioral approaches to meet the unique needs of these kids. This experience also afforded me a very candid view of the way families are impacted by having a child with special needs and their need for support and also for respect. 

I have also worked in an inpatient psychatric setting treating children affected by mental illness, and again, offered intense support to the families. Working in this role also highlighted the importance of including teachers and other school personnel so that the child is supported in all areas when they return to the community. This wrap-around approach is central to the way I practice therapy and blossomed into extensive family work and couples therapy when I was employed by a community-based mental health clinic. During my time in this position, a scenario close to my heart made me acutely aware of the mental health needs of indviduals with chronic illness. This led me to persue a partnership with one of Westchester's most innovative and compassionate immunologists, so that I may learn more about immune-mediated disorders and serve the brave patients living with these constant symptoms. 


These collective experiences have led me to create my own practice where I have the privilege to dedicate my passion to help and be inspired by individuals who are commited to finding their way back to wellness through self-care. 



Staci's Areas of Specialty


Chronic Illnes

Social Skills Training and Autism 

Parent Training

Play Therapy

Family Systems

Couples Therapy



Parent-Child Conflict

Gender Identity

Parenting and Co-Parenting